Month archive: March, 2020

Letter to Dutch cabinet: Support ‘Covid-19 pool’

Yesterday, Wemos sent a letter on behalf of 38 civil society organisations, political youth organisations and 20 public health experts to Minister Van Rijn (Medical Care), Minister Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) and Minister Wiebes (Economic Affairs and Climate) with the call to support the worldwide ‘Covid-19 pool’. The organisations call for free sharing of knowledge, data and intellectual property around Covid-19.

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The answer to pandemics? Strong public health systems

Finance for Health team

Covid-19 demands a rapid response, while investing in public health systems is as important as ever. International financial institutions like the World Bank therefore need to see these uncertain times as the prime opportunity to take measures aimed at social protection, strong public services, decent work, tax justice, and progressive financing of social sectors – thereby strengthening health systems. Because after all this, we cannot go back to business as usual.

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Covid-19 shows why global solidarity is needed

In her new opinion article, Wemos director Mariëlle Bemelmans explains why the Covid-19 crisis shows the need for global solidarity. ‘There is no point in only improving our own health care, and neglecting it elsewhere, because a virus outbreak elsewhere will eventually reach us all in this globalised world.’

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Worldwide access to Covid-19 vaccine

Tom Buis

A Global Covid-19 Patent Pool could be the solution

Researchers around the world are trying to develop treatments and vaccines against the new Covid-19 virus. This requires huge amounts of public and private funding and cooperation amongst many different organizations. Two potential risks may prevent everyone from accessing the vaccine. Firstly, the lack of sufficient production facilities worldwide. Second, patents on a new vaccine would push up prices, hindering governments from providing them to the public. Costa Rica wants to tackle both issues with a global Covid-19 Patent Pool and has asked the WHO for support.

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