Month archive: July, 2020

Why the VIG Code of Conduct fails to put health first

Robin Veenman (former research intern at Wemos and Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation & master student Political Science at the University of Amsterdam)

Earlier this year, the Association Innovative Medicines (or Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen – VIG – the industry association for the Dutch branches of innovative pharmaceutical companies) published its new code of conduct. Unfortunately, in a time when high medicine prices are a pressing societal problem, the code omits any mentioning of the pharmaceutical industry’s pricing policy. For my research at Wemos and Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation, I aimed to find out why, and came to the conclusion that the code is a symptom of a neoliberal system within the pharmaceutical industry, guided by profit maximisation instead of public health.

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New Oxfam Novib publication: stories of influencing networks

Wemos continues our work on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) through the contribution to a newly published paper by Oxfam Novib, ‘Beating the Drum: Stories of Influencing Networks’. The publication is a collection of stories about influencing networks working in various thematic fields, and focuses on learning about partnerships and how these can be mutually beneficial within the context of a network. Wemos contributed to the collection of stories with our advocacy work on the GFF.

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Watch the plan, watch the GAP!

The ‘Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All’ (GAP) was launched in September 2019 by twelve multilateral health, development and humanitarian agencies  to better support countries to accelerate progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals through strengthened collaboration and coordination. However, since then, there has been not much news about the GAP and its implementation. Today, the Watch the GAP! Task Group (which includes Wemos) launches its analysis paper on the GAP. Does it fit with national health policies and ownership? Does the GAP contribute to what it is intended to do, and can it make a difference?

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Kick-off webinar of the Dutch Global Health Alliance: local data, local decisions

On July 2nd, the Dutch Global Health Alliance – a partnership of Amref Flying Doctors, Cordaid, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, and Wemos – will host its first webinar about the importance of collecting and using subnational health data for decision-making in low- and middle-income countries. Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar aims to raise awareness among Dutch global health and development actors about the role they can play in supporting LMIC to better utilise subnational data.

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