Month archive: November, 2020

More engagement and inclusivity in the GFF strategy – a lobby success

Myria Koutsoumpa

The Global Financing Facility (GFF) – a global health initiative aiming to end preventable deaths and improve the life of women, children, and adolescents in low- and middle-income countries – is evolving. Continuous lobby and advocacy by civil society has influenced its direction, making it more inclusive. In this blog, we will elaborate on how Wemos influenced the new strategy of this major global health initiative in collaboration with our partners and networks.

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Wemos in EenVandaag: patent protection Covid-19 vaccine affects low- & middle-income countries

It was a much-needed optimistic headline in recent days: the developments around the pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine are in the final stages. However, Pfizer has so far refused to give up the vaccine’s patent protection. This limits production and increases the price per vaccine – threatening access and distribution in low- and middle-income countries in particular. On November 20, Wemos’ global health advocate Tom Buis held an interview about this news in the Dutch programme EenVandaag.

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On the COVID-19 pandemic and health worker shortages & mobility

Human resources for health team

Reflections on the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel

This week, the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) is convening virtually to deliberate on core global health related challenges facing its Member States. Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, a key challenge is the global shortage of health workers and how to properly and ethically manage the international recruitment of health personnel without negative impact on the countries with critical shortages.

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Investing in Health Workers: Join our webinar on December 4

The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated again that appropriately remunerated and sufficiently staffed, skilled, motivated and well-equipped health workers are the cornerstone of good integral quality health care. The Dutch Global Health Alliance invites you to a webinar that will discuss the importance of education and remuneration of health workers in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and how the Dutch government can contribute to these pillars.

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