Month archive: September, 2021

Health security and equity should be a public priority

The World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries – the International Development Association’s (IDA) – should help close the global Covid-19 vaccination gap as soon as possible, while also supporting systemic changes to further universal access in the long run, and prioritise investment in public (not private) healthcare delivery. These are some of our recommendations in our new position paper for IDA20, the upcoming 20th replenishment of the funds of IDA.

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Launch EU Health Workforce Projects Cluster: how can we manage medical deserts?

During the webinar ‘How to effectively manage medical deserts, task shifting and retention policies?’ on September 20th, the EU Health Policy Forum will officially launch its Health Workforce Projects Cluster. One of the five projects within this cluster is the Wemos-led project Action for Health and Equity: Addressing medical Deserts (AHEAD). At the webinar, Corinne Hinlopen (Wemos) will introduce AHEAD and explain how the project partners want to address health worker shortages in isolated or depopulated areas, known as ‘medical deserts’.

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