Month archive: March, 2022

Wemos and Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation proud recipients of National Postcode Lottery donation

Wemos and the Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation are proud and pleased to receive a donation of 500,000 euros from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. With this support, we commit to improving access to affordable vaccines and medicines for everyone. We strive for a world in which everyone’s health takes precedence over commercial interests. Our goal is to change the system so that prices are set fairly and monopolies do not stand in the way of the availability of vaccines and medicines. We also want to see conditions attached when taxpayers’ money is invested in medicines development, and want pharmaceutical companies to fulfil their duty of care. This way we contribute to a world that is well prepared for health threats such as pandemics, now and in the future.

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Webinar on improving health workforce policies to address access to health inequalities

Countries can address access to health inequalities in the population by improving health worker retention and task-shifting policies. So what should these policies look like? On March 29th (2:30-4:30 PM Brussels time), the five projects of the Health Workforce Projects Cluster on the EU Health Policy Platform will organise their second webinar, presenting the first results of their work and focusing on this question. Our Romanian partner Center for Health Policies and Services in the Action for Health and Equity: Addressing medical Deserts (AHEAD) project, of which we are penholder, will present findings on behalf of the project.

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