Month archive: April, 2022

Improving healthcare, but for whom? Studying the International Finance Corporation’s investments in health

A new study by Wemos shows the need for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to increase its focus on health equity, ensuring that their private investments in healthcare promote equitable and universal access. As the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, the IFC is a major development actor. Between 2017 and 2021, their investments in health increased. They focus on improving quality and availability of health services and products, but almost never consider whether everyone can access them. Only one of the 88 IFC projects in health in this period mentions equitable access as an expected development impact.

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What we need for equitable access to healthcare: public financing for the public good

By Marco Angelo, global health advocate at Wemos

On World Health Day, we need to talk about solving a major threat for universal and equitable access to healthcare: commercialisation. Profit incentives have become dominant in health service delivery in many countries. A focus on profit makes these services too expensive for poorer populations and does not necessarily lead to addressing the most urgent medical needs. To achieve universal and equitable access, governments and multilateral organisations and funds should prioritise public financing of healthcare systems for the public good.

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