Our Theory of Change illustrates the way we push for change to happen.

If we want all people to be able to exercise their right to health, the right economic, social and political conditions must be in place, at both global and national levels. We believe that these conditions need to start with evidence-based national and global policies and regulations that address underlying power imbalances.


The process of policy change starts when national and global decision-makers and policy-makers come under pressure to change and, by taking action, demonstrate that they have the political will to address key health system constraints and systemic barriers. Only when politicians and decision-makers are convinced that change is needed can a coherent set of effective policies for creating the right systemic conditions be developed and implemented. Once these policies are in place, we work with and through civil-society mechanisms to hold the Dutch government and EU and global health institutions accountable for enforcing these policies, allocating sufficient funding to them and adjusting them when necessary.


Our aim is to help create the political will and action that is needed to achieve our three main goals:


  • All governments should allocate sufficient (sustainable and flexible) funding to investments in a high-quality, resilient and gender-sensitive health system that is accessible to all citizens (programme Finance for Health).
  • Everyone, everywhere should have access to skilled, motivated and properly supported health workers (programme Human resources for Health).
  • Everyone, everywhere should have access to high-quality, affordable medicines that meet their medical needs (programme Access to medicines).