Global health advocate and policy researcher


Barbara is part of the Finance for Health team, where she focusses on critical issues in effective Development Assistance for Health (DAH). Publicly backed commercial actors in health and public revenue raising for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) are among those issues.

Barbara joined Wemos in 2016. She is involved in evidence building and advocacy activities at both international and national levels, and contributes to mutual learning and capacity strengthening of non-governmental (partner)organizations for evidence based advocacy. Previously, she worked for the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), as researcher and policy advisor, and at the Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health as a trainer/consultant. Earlier (1999-2003), Barbara had also worked for Wemos as coordinator for the Baby Food Program within the International Baby Food Action Network.


Barbara has a background in Health Sciences (University of Maastricht), with a specialization in health promotion and health care policy and governance.

“Health is great wealth. It’s a human right that deserves to be promoted and protected. I love how I can use my background in health sciences in the advocacy work we engage in at Wemos, and we always do this in collaboration with other health and human rights organisations.”