Programme coordinator Intersectionality Consortium


Jennifer is Programme Coordinator of the Intersectionality Consortium, a strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organisations, and of which Wemos is penholder.

The Intersectionality Consortium seeks to identify how the intersecting vulnerabilities of marginalised young people exacerbate existing barriers and which various societal and systemic changes are needed to overcome them. Jennifer leads the Consortium’s Programme Coordination Unit, which is responsible for the coordination of the overall programme.


With a background in medical ethics, she has worked some 18 years in global health, with a focus on the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of women and young people. She is an experienced team leader and advocacy programme designer and manager, and an influencing expert. Previously, she worked as head of communications and stakeholder management for RNW Media. She was also senior advisor on gender and SRHR at Aidsfonds for many years. Jennifer is highly active in Share-Net, having served on different governing bodies, and is currently an active member of the Community of Practice on Infertility.

“Years ago, in a village in Western Kenya, a participant in a rights-training programme told me a story. She explained to me that learning about her rights made her care about her life and her health more, and that change in her motivated her to negotiate safer sex with her partner. That story gives me a reason to get up in the morning and do what I do. It also shows how important it is for health programmes, not only to promote human rights, but also to facilitate people’s ability to increase their SRHR knowledge and agency. It should be part of comprehensive, quality health programming at all levels.”