Global health advocate


Linda is the first point of contact for the project Human Resources for Health, and works in the Health Systems Advocacy Partnership. As a global health advocate, she is involved in influencing policy on national, regional and international level. She also contributes to capacity building in lobby and advocacy of non-governmental (partner) organizations.

Linda coordinated the European consortium project ‘Health workers for all and all for health workers’, of which Wemos was the leading party, until March 2016. Together with partners from eight European countries, she focused on Dutch, European and global opportunities to improve the uneven distribution of health workers worldwide. The project partners have joined the working group on Human Resources for Health of the Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All, which Linda currently coordinates.


Linda studied Health Sciences at Maastricht University. She worked as a researcher and an advisor at different universities and non-profit organisations in the fields of health, healthcare, gender and diversity. In addition, she worked as a co-rapporteur for the Dutch CEDAW shadow report, and organized ‘participatory video’ workshops in the Netherlands and abroad.


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