Global health advocate


As a global health advocate, Lisa works on the programme Human Resources for Health as well as the Health Workers For All Coalition.

Lisa has diverse experience in global health working at government, UN and civil society levels.  Prior to joining Wemos, Lisa worked in the UNAIDS Kenya country office in Nairobi in support of Kenya’s HIV response. In this position, she worked with young people and key populations to enhance their access to responsive HIV and health services. In addition, she was responsible for the coordination of the different UN organizations active within the HIV response in programming and advocacy. Earlier, Lisa also worked in health programming and policy making for Cordaid and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Lisa has a master’s degree in International Relations, with a focus on aid and development from the University of Groningen and University College Dublin. She is also a graduate of the Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

“A strong, accessible and motivated health workforce is an important piece of the solution in any public health intervention, regardless of whether you are trying to address diabetes, HIV or maternal health. This is true in low income countries but equally in the Netherlands. I enjoy dedicating my work at Wemos to an issue that is so universal, but yet so often overlooked. Everyone has the right to access a well educated, motivated and supported healthcare worker. Now lets put in the investment to make that happen.”

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