Global health advocate


Marco is part of Wemos’ Finance for Health team. As a global health advocate, he focuses on the role of private health insurance for reaching Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and on the impact of economic conditionality on health.

Marco studied Medicine & Surgery at the University of Pavia, Italy. Before joining the global health field, he gained experience as a medical doctor working for various cooperatives, Public-Private Partnerships and NGOs.


After having worked as a medical doctor, he studied Global Health at Maastricht University, where he also worked as a researcher after graduation. Marco has also been an exchange student in Thailand and Portugal, worked as a doctor in Italy and Uganda, and has conducted academic research in the Netherlands and Brazil. Across all these experiences, he discovered the value of mutual learning from cross-cultural and multidisciplinary teams, and the importance of global health advocacy.

“Advocating for global health financing, to me, is the natural consequence of my personal development. All my past experiences led me to believe that the best way to provide healthcare for everybody is through a public system financed in a just way and through equitable taxation. Developmental aid is much more than doctors travelling to the other side of the world to help people in need. To really make a change, you must try to change the system.”

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