Communication officer


Tim is communication officer at Wemos. In his role, he supports our advocacy campaigns.

Tim studied Journalism and subsequently worked for several human rights organisations as an editor, writer and communications specialist. Among these are Rutgers (promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights), Art.1 (elimination of all forms of discrimination) and the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. In his work, he contributed to various advocacy campaigns, for example on gender equality, prevention of sexual violence and the rights of persons with disabilities.

“As long as you are healthy… Health – and therefore also the conditions to live as healthy as possible – is our most important asset. Everyone in the world understands that. Though, we still have not managed to grant, let alone provide everyone in the world a healthy life. Wemos does something about that, with both a good mind and a good heart.”

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Email: tim.looten@wemos.nl