tom buis wemos


Global health advocate


As a global health advocate, Tom focuses on advocacy to strengthen health systems worldwide and to ensure that medicines are affordable.

Previously, Tom gained political experience as a municipal councillor assistant in local government. He was also active in various civil society organizations, one of which was a student thinktank in Nijmegen.


Tom has a background in Medical Biology from Radboud University Nijmegen, and a master’s degree in Global Health from Maastricht University. During the latter curriculum he followed programmes in Canada and India. He wrote his master’s thesis – which focused on treatment barriers for patients co-infected with HIV and tuberculosis – at the Siberian Medical State University in Russia.

“When most people think of global health issues, they don’t think of healthcare-related problems that occur in the Dutch healthcare system. With medicine prices on the rise globally, the problem of access to medicine is one of few problems that truly affects all countries in the world. I feel motivated to make sure that everyone in this world has access to affordable and quality medicines. The Dutch government plays a crucial role in the international discussion on this topic. I am driven by the fact that health is a human right, which is why at Wemos, I want to move the Dutch government in to ensuring that everyone, everywhere meets this right.”

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