Wemos advocates access to health for everyone, everywhere.

Our vision

Health is a universal human right. Governments must create the conditions for guaranteeing the health of all their citizens: access to health services and protection against threats to health.


Our mission

  • We are an independent civil-society organisation (CSO) seeking to improve public health worldwide.
  • We analyse Dutch, European and global policies that affect health and propose relevant changes.
  • We hold the Dutch government, the EU and multilateral organisations accountable for their responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil the right to health.



Organisational values

Our guiding principle is ‘health as a human right’ – a right that takes precedence over political and economic interests. We believe that the pursuit of health for all in this globalised era is a shared responsibility, that it should favour those left behind according to the equity principle and that it should take the health of future generations into consideration. In addition, we are aware of how policies in one area can affect, counteract with or undermine policies in another area. We strive for policy coherence, for example by addressing the effects of economic policies on health.


Our core values are:

  • Grounded
  • Critical and constructive
  • Striving for structural change
  • A belief in global justice