Wemos advocates access to health for everyone, everywhere.

Our vision

Health is a universal human right. Governments must ensure that the conditions for the health of all citizens are in place: access to health care and protection against threats to health.


Our mission

  • Wemos is an independent civil society organization and aims to improve public health worldwide.
  • We address governments, and by extension, multilateral organizations on their responsibility to fulfil the right to health.
  • We analyze Dutch, European and global policy that concern health, and denounce practices that undermine health or health systems.


Our strategy

  • We advocate a comprehensive approach to health: in all policy areas, health is involved.
  • In our view, public health prevails over political and economic interests.
  • We are critical, yet constructive.
  • Our advocacy is evidence-based.

Our work

Wemos believes in government policy measures as a way to improve and protect public health. Since 80 per cent of health improvements originate from policy areas other than healthcare, we advocate for including health issues in all policies. Social and economic determinants of health, such as income, education, environment and housing, influence the health situation of people worldwide. Therefore we encourage all Ministries to contribute to public health.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a suitable framework: health (goal number 3) is related to the other 16 SDGs. All 17 goals address the prerequisites for a healthy life. Health should be an integral part of the policy terrains of all Ministries. This vision will guide our work in the upcoming years.


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