Wemos believes that development assistance in healthcare in low- and middle-income countries should serve public health goals. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Development money is increasingly used to support private for-profit business activities.

Businesses play significant roles in various parts of the healthcare sector in most countries. Particularly worrying to Wemos and  allied NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa is that increased privatization and commercialization in healthcare often do not benefit the poor and do not contribute to Universal Health Coverage.

Following a ‘From Aid to Trade’ agenda, a donor country like the Netherlands promotes private sector development in developing countries and emerging markets with instruments funded from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget.

We aim to address the impact of projects involving private for-profit companies in the health sector, supported by Dutch ODA, on universal access to healthcare. We will conduct case studies to gather evidence so that we can propose changes in Dutch foreign trade and development assistance policy and procedures.


Next to this, we also want to raise the overall awareness among Dutch policy makers and politicians: that we can and should use our ODA in a better way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular those related to health.