Civil society at Global Forum on Human Resources for Health 

This week Wemos is present at the 4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Dublin. On November 15th, we will hold a civil society session with other civil society organizations on how civil society can spur action on ensuring health workers for all.

Over the course of five days, experts will discuss how a sustainable and adequate global health workforce can be ensured to tackle current and future needs. During the civil society session, speakers from Wemos, Medicus Mundi International, ACHEST and Médecins Sans Frontières will discuss the role of civil society in addressing health workforce challenges, like migration and mobility, finances, and governance and leadership. For example, civil society plays key roles in pushing for new policies or strategies on human resources for health, in holding governments and other stakeholders to account on their commitments, and in ensuring that national policy making includes the poor and vulnerable.  


Shortage of 18 million health workers

This session will provide the opportunity to discuss advocacy responses in line with the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health and the five-year action plan that followed from the UN High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth’s report. With a projected shortage of 18 million health workers in low-income countries, the global community will have to commit itself to making the global health workforce available, in order to eventually also achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and universal health coverage.  

Wemos’ director Mariëlle Bemelmans and global health advocate Linda Mans will be moderators during the session.  


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Download the session’s flyer

Read an interview with Mariëlle Bemelmans about the global health workforce shortage in Vice Versa: ‘Het nieuwe wereldtekort: zorgpersoneel (Dutch)

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