The Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2) is a membership-based civil society project. Launched in May 2016 at a World Health Assembly side event in Geneva, it is a space where civil society can meet, share knowledge and create initiatives to collaborate and advocate for more democratic global health governance.

In global health debates, the presence of and input from civil society organizations are often overshadowed by those defending commercial interests.  The Hub aims to mitigate this imbalance by creating strong alliances between civil society organizations that share common goals and values. The Hub aims to contribute to long-term strategic thinking and action by such organizations involved in global health. That way, civil society can have a strong and stable presence in negotiations and discussions. The Hub’s president is Mariska Meurs, global health advocate and program coordinator at Wemos.


Values that drive the Geneva Global Health Hub are the belief in democracy with equity in diversity, dignity, accountability and transparency, and ethics and justice – all for more democratic global health.


To join G2H2, or for more information, visit the website or follow on Twitter