Wemos closely cooperates with a number of Dutch and international partners.

Action for Health Equity Addressing medical Deserts (AHEAD)

AHEAD is a 26-month project that looks for solutions for medical deserts in Europe; areas with a low concentration of health services that result in unmet medical needs, (further) depopulation and marginalisation, and increasing health inequalities. It is mainly funded by the European Commission and led by Wemos. 



International consortium promoting Covid-19 Innovations for All (CIFA)

With the international consortium CIFA, that we have been leading since April 2020, we aim to mobilise support and political will for equal access to Covid-19 vaccines through the sharing of relevant Covid-19 technology and know-how. 



Make Way, embracing intersectionality for health equity & justice

Led by Wemos and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the five-year strategic partnership Make Way aims to ensure that marginalised groups in all their diversity, especially youth, can fully realise their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The partner organisations aim to achieve this by applying an intersectional lens.



Pillars of Health, optimising access to health workers in Europe (2020-2023)

Wemos leads the three-year programme Pillars of Health, which is aimed at contributing to an equitable health worker distribution in Europe. The partners use evidence-building, data review, knowledge sharing, and high-level political dialogues to influence relevant policies – both at EU level and in and between countries.



Finalised: Health Systems Advocacy Partnership

From 2016 to 2020, Wemos participated in a strategic partnership for strengthening health systems in East Africa – the Health Systems Advocacy Partnership.



Finalised: Harmful substances

With the programme Harmful substances (2013-2018), Wemos raised awareness about the public health risks of harmful substances (endocrine-disrupting chemicals in particular) and advocated the protection of the health of Dutch and European citizens by banning these chemicals from our daily lives and environment.


Finalised: Health Workers for All

The project Health Workers for All (HW4All) ran from 2013 until early 2016 and was a European civil society initiative that aimed to contribute to a sustainable health workforce worldwide. Wemos was the coordinator of the project, which was a collaboration between eight European countries.