Kick-off webinar of the Dutch Global Health Alliance: local data, local decisions

On July 2nd, the Dutch Global Health Alliance – a partnership of Amref Flying Doctors, Cordaid, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, and Wemos – will host its first webinar about the importance of collecting and using subnational health data for decision-making in low- and middle-income countries. Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar aims to raise awareness among Dutch global health and development actors about the role they can play in supporting LMIC to better utilise subnational data.

Many Dutch development organisations and knowledge institutes are working with low- and middle-income countries to promote the use of subnational data to encourage locally-tailored decision-making in public health. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of doing this is clearer than ever: when lockdowns are imposed across an entire country without nuance to reflect local variations in the epidemic, people and economies suffer more than necessary.

In this webinar – led by Alliance members Cordaid, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, and KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation – country partners will share their experiences with and perceptions of subnational data for health planning, including lessons learned from previous public health emergencies like the tuberculosis epidemic.

About the Dutch Global Health Alliance
The Dutch Global Health Alliance is a partnership of Amref Flying Doctors, Cordaid, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, and Wemos. It is dedicated to raising awareness about the need for more concerted global health action and to working towards concrete policy options for the Dutch government that contribute to stronger health systems worldwide.

For more information, please go to this page. Registration is also possible via this link. This webinar is a first in a series of global health debates. More events will follow soon!

Update July 10
Missed the webinar? You can watch the recording via this link!

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