New Oxfam Novib publication: stories of influencing networks

Wemos continues our work on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) through the contribution to a newly published paper by Oxfam Novib, ‘Beating the Drum: Stories of Influencing Networks’. The publication is a collection of stories about influencing networks working in various thematic fields, and focuses on learning about partnerships and how these can be mutually beneficial within the context of a network. Wemos contributed to the collection of stories with our advocacy work on the GFF.

To tackle local problems, local and national communities need networks to share knowledge, share resources and amplify their voice. When united in networks, civil society organisations are better able to increase their influence, take a stand, find solutions and shape policy. Wemos worked together with members of the GFF’s Civil Society Coordinating Group, focusing on the multi-level advocacy work we do together, to engage and seek to influence the activities of the GFF at different levels. Our case on multilevel advocacy highlights the work done at national and global levels, how civil society organisations engage with each other through networks to enable mutual learning, undertake joint advocacy that reflects local experiences, and ensure space for civil society in the multi-level processes of the GFF. It illustrates the importance of having networks at multiple levels for sharing information, resources, diversity, capacity development, learning, and legitimacy through the representation of a broad group of constituencies.

Global health advocate Rosana Lescrauwaet: “Apart from benefits, working in a network of networks also brings challenges and the case indicates areas where more support is needed for greater representation of Southern-based organisations, and the challenges on reaching alignment at global and local levels.”

A special thank you goes to Maty Dia, Aminu Magashi Garba, and Kadi Toure for working with us to bring this story to life!

Visit Oxfam Novib’s website for more information and to read the publication ‘Beating the drum – Stories of influencing networks’, or download it here (note: lower quality/compressed version for this website).

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