NVTG Symposium: come and discuss ethical dilemmas in global health

How can we deal with ethical dilemmas in global health? Come and join the discussion on November 9th with Dr. Ann Phoya (President of the Association of Malawian Midwives) and others at the NTVG Symposium ‘Human resources, research and rights’ in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Wemos will be co-organizing the event, together with NVTG, Uniting Streams and TROIE.

The symposium will focus on the ethical dilemmas that global health experts often face. How can we ensure a fair distribution of scarce resources for health? How can we counterbalance the recruitment of health professionals from low resource settings, whilst respecting people’s right to migrate? Experts, academics and organizations will discuss this and hold presentations, workshops and debates. Wemos will hold an interactive workshop, Dr, Ann Phoya – whom we interviewed a while ago – will talk about how Malawi deals with HIV and maternal mortality, and Dr. Rieke van der Graaf (UCM) and Dr. Anant Bhan (India) will reflect on ethics and human subjects research.


You’re most welcome to attend the symposium, which is open to both NVTG and non-NVTG members. Registration is possible via this link. The Dutch Association for Tropical Medicine and International Health care, or NVTG, is an association for global health professionals and tropical physicians in the Netherlands.


Programme and location

Date: Friday November 9th 2018

Location: De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam

Partners: Uniting Streams, TROIE, Wemos


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