Wemos envisions a world in which people worldwide are able to realize their right to health. Since our foundation in 1979, we have become well-known for our rights-based and systemic approach to health. We believe that the right to health and Universal Health Coverage can only be reached if all countries have strong health systems.

Since effective policies are at the base of a well-functioning health system, political will of politicians and decision makers is key to any improvement of the system. We aim to initiate change by national governments, the European Union and multilateral institutions such as the World Health Organization, World Bank and global health initiatives, so that citizens can access health care and be protected from threats to health. We believe that our work will contribute to creating the right policy environment and health systems conditions.



Current programmes

Our current programmes focus on the areas of human resources for health, finance for health, and access to medicines.


Previous programmes

Throughout Wemos’ history, our programmes have focused on various themes. Some of our previous themes and programmes were:


  • Ethnical clinical trials in low- and middle-income countries (see report Clinical trials in Africa, 2017)
  • Female family planning in low- and middle-income countries
  • Dutch development cooperation policy
  • Access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries
  • Baby food
  • Drug donations
  • Healthy trade
  • Health in national strategies for poverty reduction


Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

One of our completed programmes (2013-2018) was the Harmful substances, or Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, programme. With this programme we achieved promising results. We aimed to raise awareness about the harmful impact of these chemicals and to better protect the health of Dutch and European citizens by banning them from our daily lives and environment.