The project “Health workers for all and all for health workers” (HW4All) was a European civil society initiative that aimed at contributing to a sustainable health workforce worldwide. Wemos was the coordinator of the project – a collaboration between eight countries – from 2013 until early 2016. We collected case studies from different countries, and organized expert meetings and a petition.

Today over 50 countries, mainly in Africa and South Asia, suffer from a critical shortage of health personnel, while they carry a large part of the global burden of disease. On the other hand, in Europe, the ageing population is growing and fuelling demand for health workers who can deliver long-term care. A globalized labour market and rising demand is driving migration and mobility amongst health personnel. Yet, although recruitment of health workers abroad can meet domestic demand, it can worsen the shortage of qualified personnel in low- and middle-income countries and Europe.

The project, of which Wemos was the coordinator, focused on countries with a critical shortage of health workers. It was aimed at achieving and strengthening a sustainable, global health workforce by increasing coherence between development cooperation policies and domestic health policies and EU Member States’ practices. It called upon politicians and policymakers to implement the WHO Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.


Participating organizations and countries – next to Wemos – were: Amref Health Africa (Italy), Center for Health Policies and Services (Romania), Humanitarian Aid Foundation Redemptoris Missio (Poland), Health Poverty Action (UK), Medicus Mundi International Network, Memisa (Belgium), Federation of Associations of Medicus Mundi (Spain), and terre des hommes (Germany).


Within the 3-year project period, the project partners have implemented all planned activities at national and EU level. After the end of the project, civil society engagement for the implementation of the WHO Code of Practice has been sustained within the working group on Human Resources for Health (MMI HRH) of the Medicus Mundi International Network.


Project outcome

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