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Research shows Moderna’s triple jackpot: subsidies, high prices and tax avoidance

Research by SOMO in cooperation with Wemos reveals that Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna avoids taxes on the profits it generates with billions of public funding. First the pharmaceutical company receives government subsidies for the development of its vaccine, then it sells the vaccines to governments for high prices, and in the end it transfers the majority of the profits to tax havens. Wemos and SOMO urge governments to attach conditions to public investments in development of vaccines and medicines, to ensure the accessibility and affordability of these products.

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Call to European public health community: push for sharing rights, know-how and technology

Wemos and EUPHA, the umbrella organization for public health associations and institutes in Europe, call upon public health experts to advocate sharing of patent rights, know-how and technology to maximize the production capacity of Covid-19 vaccines. In a joint statement, the two organizations stress that more certified pharmaceutical companies should be enabled to use their factories to produce vaccines. This is crucial in supplying all parts of the world with enough vaccines to end the corona pandemic as quickly as possible.

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Waiver patent protections is an important step in the right direction

Wemos warmly welcomes the US government’s proposal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a temporary waiver of patent protections for Covid-19 vaccines. It is now up to the Netherlands and the European Union (EU) to follow suit. This patent waiver – which would temporarily lift patent protections – will give all pharmaceutical companies the right to also produce vaccines. This could be a breakthrough for global access to these vaccines.

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Webinar & report April 19: how do the Global Fund, GFF and Gavi coordinate their efforts to strengthen health systems?

During a joint interactive webinar on April 19th, Wemos and Cordaid – as part of the Dutch Global Health Alliance – will share our joint report’s main findings and recommendations on health systems strengthening coordination among the ‘3Gs’. The 3Gs are the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (Gavi) and the Global Financing Facility (GFF). They are the three largest global health initiatives that raise and allocate funds to strengthen health systems in low- and middle-income countries.

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Let’s strengthen public financing and avoid the risky business of Public-Private Partnerships

Global actors such as the World Bank Group should focus on strengthening public health financing, and refrain from promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) with commercial companies in healthcare because of associated risks, such as worsening existing inequalities. This is our request in our co-signed open letter (with nearly 100 signatories) to the World Bank Group, which we sent today and which will be discussed during our joint session with other organisations at the Civil Society Policy Forum of the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings 2021. Our request is based on an analysis of PPPs in healthcare which we describe in our new position paper ‘Risky business’.

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Election countdown: ‘building back better’ with a Global Health Strategy

Countries can effectively combat pandemics such as the current Covid-19 pandemic by making long-term investments in structural improvements in global health. This means that governments and their ministries must pursue policy coherence and reinforce each other’s programmes. As the 2021 Dutch general election is approaching, Wemos is advocating – with fellow members of the Dutch Global Health Alliance – a Global Health strategy. Experts, including Wemos director Mariëlle Bemelmans, explain what this would entail in the Election Special of the Dutch development cooperation magazine Vice Versa.

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