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Annelies in 1000 Days of Plastic

Elisa Veini & Pearl Heinemans


Annelies den Boer, global health advocate at Wemos, was TV producer Bahram Sadeghi’s first guest in his online program about plastic waste. Literally standing amid all of Sadeghi’s plastic waste, Annelies explained why some plastic items do our health more harm than good.

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Remove chemicals from TTIP

Today, Wemos and over 65 public interest organizations sent a letter to the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, expressing our concerns about the inclusion of chemical legislation in the proposed EU-US trade agreement TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). We are concerned that the European Commission continues to ignore critical aspects of the 2015 Parliamentary Resolution that called for reforming the trade agreement. The letter TTIP: Private profit versus public health, remove chemicals from the EU-US trade talks was sent ahead of the 14th round of negotiations in Brussels on July 11th.

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European seminar on measures against EDCs

On June 21st, Wemos organized together with the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) a lunch seminar in Brussels for representatives of EU member states about the European and national protective measures against Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). The seminar was supported by WHO Europe.

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Dutch doctors demand action against hormone-disrupting substances

There is growing evidence that Bisphenol A, phtalates and other hormone-disrupting substances are harmful to human health. These substances are used in medical instruments. In an article that will be published today in the Dutch medical journal Medisch Contact, Annelies den Boer of Wemos and co-authors, two medical doctors and a toxicologist, call upon Dutch doctors to actively push for the use of safe medical instruments.

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