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Coronavirus test manufacturer Qiagen evades tax and benefits from public funding

New research by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) shows that the German coronavirus test producer Qiagen has been able to dodge millions of euros in tax since 2010 thanks to tax avoidance constructions in Ireland, Luxembourg, the US and Malta. Qiagen is one of the world’s leading producers of coronavirus test kits and is currently benefiting from mass orders from governments around the world. It is one of the major suppliers of COVID-19 test kits in the US. New SOMO research reveals that the biotech giant also received huge amounts of public funding from the US and the Netherlands, among others.

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Biomedical R&D: how can we do better for women and children?

If we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), we will need to do better for women and children. They are disproportionately exposed to poverty-related and neglected diseases. How can biomedical Research & Development (R&D) and policy improve this (gender) gap? Director Mariëlle Bemelmans will join a panel discussion on this topic at the event ‘Healthcare, Gender and Inclusive R&D: How can we do better for women and children?’, jointly organized by DNDi, FIND, IAVI, IPM, MMV and TB Alliance, at 7AM in The Hague on February 13th.

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Abuse of orphan designation leads to exorbitant drug price

Pharmaceutical company Lupin Europe is aiming to bring an existing medicine for a rare muscle disease on the market under a new name and at a much higher price. The Dutch public television programme ‘Kassa’, with more than one million viewers, reported this on November 2nd, showing how this pharmaceutical company uses public research to increase its profit margins. “This is unjustifiable and even condemnable,” says Wemos’ global health advocate Ella Weggen in the programme.

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Wemos in EenVandaag: lawsuit Menzis vs. Astrazeneca

“This lawsuit is of great significance. This is the first time a health insurer in the Netherlands has filed a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company for incorrectly adhering to a patent.” This is what global health advocate Ella Weggen said in the programme EenVandaag, about the ruling of the trial Menzis vs. AstraZeneca, which has been scheduled for June 24th [editor note: update August 2020 – see below].

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Wemos Farma's Other Future's in de Rode Hoed

An evening in De Rode Hoed about Big Pharma, concerns and hope

“A collective stranglehold”. This is how the debate moderator Martijn de Greve described the current pharmaceutical system during last night’s debate ‘Pharma’s Other Futures’ in the Rode Hoed. “Although everyone can find faults within the current system, everyone also somehow benefits from the system,” said Carla Hollak (Professor in Metabolic Diseases) just before that. And that is exactly why implementing good alternatives is so difficult. Despite the complex issues discussed, there was ample room for an open conversation and many ideas about how we can improve the system and realize an alternative one.

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EU Medicines Manifesto: put the health of European citizens first

There is increasing pressure on access to affordable, innovative medicines for many European citizens. Change is urgently needed. This key message emerges from the joint manifesto by several members of the Medicines Network Netherlands (Medicijnen Netwerk Nederland), of which Wemos is a member. The publication of the manifesto anticipates the European Parliament elections to be held on 23 May 2019.

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In De Rode Hoed on May 16: Farma’s Other Futures

Increasingly more medicines have become unaffordable in the current medicines system. How can we solve this pressing issue? Can we think of any alternative systems? On Thursday May 16th, Wemos, Commons Network and the Rode Hoed will organize the debate ‘Farma’s Other Futures’. General practitioners, researchers, politicians and experts will take the stage to discuss alternatives to the current medicines system – for the good of access to medicines.

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