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Why investing in health is a challenge under the current global economic system

Linda Mans

This summer I took up IHP’s suggestion and read Paul Mason’s ‘PostCapitalism: a Guide to Our Future’. That triggered my interest in Ilias Alami’s ‘On the terrorism of money and national policy-making in emerging capitalist economies’. My “summer of Marxism” provided me with a few clues on why investing in health and the health workforce is a ‘Grand Challenge’ of sorts (to borrow a term from an arch-capitalist). That shouldn’t stop us from advocating for it, though, even if the term is still an understatement, I’m afraid.

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G20 gathers to discuss global health

Today, the first G20 Health Ministers meeting ‘Promoting Health’ kicks off in Berlin. From May 19-20, health ministers will discuss issues like antimicrobial resistance, health systems and global health crisis management. In light of this meeting, the German Platform for Global Health held an international symposium on May 15th to call for change in thinking in global health policy.  Wemos’ global health advocate Linda Mans chaired one of the panels at the symposium.

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FENSA: blessing or curse?

Mariska Meurs

Although it was a disappointment to many NGOs, WHO Member States were mostly relieved: after five years of negotiations, the Framework of Engagement with non-State Actors (FENSA) has finally been adopted. I am concerned about FENSA, as it now will be easier for commercial parties to influence decision-making processes in international health in their favour. However, FENSA also provides opportunities for Wemos and partners to closely monitor the promised transparency and management of conflict of interests.

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