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Why investing in health is a challenge under the current global economic system

Linda Mans

This summer I took up IHP’s suggestion and read Paul Mason’s ‘PostCapitalism: a Guide to Our Future’. That triggered my interest in Ilias Alami’s ‘On the terrorism of money and national policy-making in emerging capitalist economies’. My “summer of Marxism” provided me with a few clues on why investing in health and the health workforce is a ‘Grand Challenge’ of sorts (to borrow a term from an arch-capitalist). That shouldn’t stop us from advocating for it, though, even if the term is still an understatement, I’m afraid.

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Third Global Health Café: financing for health

It has been estimated that annually, roughly $86 per person is needed to guarantee access to health services to everyone, everywhere in the world. Wemos invites the Kenyan doctor Fredrick Oluga to discuss on July 2nd 2018 with other Dutch and international experts about the best way to ensure the funds needed.

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wemos world health day infographic UHC

Health without hardship

Imagine having to choose between paying for your daily meal or your health bills. For many people in low- and middle-income countries, this is everyday reality. World Health Day 2018 on April 7th shines a spotlight on Universal Health Coverage – access to good-quality health care for everyone, anywhere, without financial hardship. Wemos believes that we need an ambitious plan to achieve Universal Health Coverage.

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wemos malawi health system

Baby Teddy

Elisa Veini

Sometimes evidence is simply there without you knowing. I had come to Malawi to talk with people about the shortcomings of the country’s health system. No longer than half an hour after landing at Lilongwe airport, the first case presented itself to me.

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Adolescents want to be taken seriously in sexual and reproductive health care

Sexual health is still taboo in many African countries. So how can we transform health care in such a way that adolescents can benefit from this care as best as possible? At the Global Health Cafe on March 16th, speakers from African countries and the Netherlands will discuss sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The debate, facilitated by Petra Stienen, will be the second event in the Global Health Cafes series, which Wemos co-organizes with Vice Versa and other organizations.

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Reaching parts that others can’t?

Corinne Hinlopen

There is uproar in global health circles. The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Dutch beer brewer HEINEKEN have entered into a partnership: HEINEKEN will pair supply chain experts with logistics planners at the Global Fund. HIV medication will thus reach their destination faster and in better condition, also covering the so-called ‘last mile’: those places in low- and middle-income countries that are notoriously hard to reach.

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