New publication on unethical clinical trials in Africa

The German organization Facing Finance is publishing today the fourth edition of the report Dirty Profits. Annelies den Boer of Wemos was asked to write the section on ethical aspects of clinical trials in Africa.

Over the past three years Wemos investigated clinical trials in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. We are concerned about the increasing numbers of clinical trials on the African continent. Our reports show that the oversight is insufficient to adequately protect the rights of vulnerable trial participants. It appears that clinical trials which are considered unacceptable for Western European ethical review boards are being carried out on the African continent. Furthermore, trial participants that experienced bodily harm were given neither adequate care nor compensation.


The Berlin-based organisation Facing Finance calls on investors not to invest in companies profiting from violations of human rights, environmental pollution, corruption or the production of controversial weapons. Dirty Profits is an annual publication to inform investors about harmful practices of multinational companies.


Read the article ‘Clinical trials in Africa: an exploitative relationship’

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