Below you can find an overview of old and recent Wemos publications. For an overview of more recent publications on human resources for health, finance for health and medicines, please visit our knowledge platform


Strategy 2019-2023, annual report & year overview 2021

Year overview 2021 (including financial report)

Strategy 2019-2023

Strategy 2019-2023 (extended version)


Previous annual reports

Year overview 2020 (see also this PDF version including our Annual Financial Report 2020)

Year overview 2019

Annual report 2019

Year overview 2018

Annual report 2018

Wemos in 2017: an overview of our activities

Annual report 2017

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2019 The System of Medicine Development (and what the EU and the Netherlands can do about it)

2019 Theory of Change

2019 Health systems: what are they? What is a good health system?

2018 Financing for Health (SDG3): Shared global responsibility – an analysis of five African countries

2018 Universal Health Coverage: a pool for a plan for UHC


Human resources for health

2020 Remco van de Pas and Corinne Hinlopen: Policy brief ‘Global Skills Partnerships on Migration’

2019 Country report Uganda – Health workforce financing in Uganda: Challenges and opportunities (full report)

2019 Uganda’s human resources for health: paradoxes and dilemmas (advocacy brief)

2018 Country report Malawi – Mind the funding gap: who is paying the health workers?

2018 Remco van de Pas, Linda Mans, Mariëlle Bemelmans, Anja Krumeich: Framing the Health Workforce Agenda Beyond Economic Growth

2018 Factsheet ‘Introduction to Health Labour Market Analysis’

2018 Factsheet ‘Human Resources for Health: The WHO Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel’

2018 Factsheet ‘Human Resources for Health: Global Agreements’

2018 World Health Organization: current issues and advocacy opportunities for civil society organizations

2017 Linda Mans, Remco van de Pas, Sascha Marschang: Civil society contributions to a sustainable health workforce in the European Union (in: Public Health Panorama 2017; 3(3):357-536)

2016 Remco van de Pas, Linda Mans, e.a.: The Code of Practice and its enduring relevance in Europe and Eastern and Southern Africa

2016 HealthWorkers4All project: Health Workers for All and All for Health Workers. Country and joint activities and project results. European project 2013-2015

2015 HealthWorkers4All project: Collection of case studies

2015 Amy Davies and Linda Mans: Thuisbezorgd – inwonende buitenlandse zorgverleners als oplossing? (Dutch)

2014 HealthWorkers4All project: A health worker for everyone, everywhere! – EU booklet

2014 HealthWorkers4All project: Health workforce shortages and international mobility in the EU

2013 HealthWorkers4All project: An overview of code implementation in EU countries

2013 HealthWorkers4All project: No progress towards Universal Health Coverage without health workers – a civil society commitment

2013 HealthWorkers4All project: Caring for carers – a relevant concern?

2013 HealthWorkers4All project: Zorgen voor zorgende handen – ver van ons bed? (Dutch)

Good governance & Finance for health

2022 ‘Improving healthcare, but for whom? Inventory study on the International Finance Corporation’s investments in healthcare

2021 ‘Health security & equity: a public priority’. Position paper on the IDA20 policy framework from a health perspective

2021 Cordaid & Wemos: ‘Strengthening Health Systems Strengthening’ – and the accompanying Policy brief

2021 Risky business: position paper on the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships in healthcare

2021 Paper ‘Stepping up for global health: Promoting a rights-based and gender-inclusive approach to UHC in Dutch Development Cooperation’

2020 Discussion paper (Aid & Trade): ‘In the interest of health for all? The Dutch ‘Aid & Trade’ agenda as pursued in the African healthcare context’ – Summary brief of this and our other Aid & Trade discussion paper in English and in Dutch

2020 Factsheet ‘The Global Financing Facility in Uganda: 2020 update’

2020 Factsheet/Fiche d’information: L’heure du renouvellement: a-t-elle sonné pour les fonds fiduciaires de la banque mondiale et le mécanisme de financement mondial – GFF? (Français)

2020 Factsheet: World Bank Trust Funds and the case of the Global Financing Facility: time for a refresh?

2020 Factsheet ‘The Global Financing Facility’

2020 Position paper: COVID-19, SSR&D e sistemas de saúde (Português)

2020 Position paper: COVID-19, SRHR and health systems

2020 A strong health system is a prerequisite for sexual and reproductive health and rights

2019 How healthy is a ‘healthy’ economy? Incompatibility between current pathways towards SDG3 and SDG8

2019 Discussion paper (Aid & Trade): ‘Best public value for public money? The case of match-funded multi-hospital infrastructure development in Tanzania’ – Summary brief of this and our other Aid & Trade discussion paper in English and in Dutch

2019 The Global Financing Facility in Tanzania

2019 The Global Financing Facility in Malawi

2019 The Global Financing Facility in Uganda

2019 The Global Financing Facility in Kenya

2019 Factsheet ‘Fiscal space for health and four ways to increase it’

2018 Factsheet ‘Public Finance Targets For Universal Health Coverage (UHC)’